What to do After an Accident at work

What to do after an accident at work We understand how upsetting an accident at work can be for you, not only in terms of any pain and discomfort you experience but also because such events can be very frightening.

Report to your line manager

After an accident, it is important you report the circumstances to your line manager to ensure a record is made and an investigation is carried out.  Reporting may be the last thing on your mind, however, it is really important that evidence is recorded in the event you subsequently wish to make a claim.  Employers are legally obliged to report certain accidents and near misses to the Health and Safety Executive under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.  Whilst accident books were taken out of operation many years ago, there should be some form of accident record which your employers will give you to complete which should be signed by you where appropriate. 

Seek medical advice

It’s very important you seek medical advice either from your GP or hospital as soon as possible after an accident.  This is obviously to ensure you receive any medical attention you need but also for a written record to be made of your injury and how it happened.  The recording of accident circumstances after an accident at work can be a critical factor in the success or failure of your claim.

Obtain evidence and photographs

All accidents should be properly investigated.  Photographs should be taken at the scene as well as witness statements obtained from any persons who can comment on what happened or whether there have been any previous problems, near misses, or other issues.  There may well be a Trade Union Representative on site who can assist you to provide evidence as to workplace practices.

Keep records of injuries and expenses

You should keep a diary of symptoms and record all of your out-of-pocket expenses. In the event you decide to pursue a claim against your employer or those in control of your work, these records will be important to establish the extent of your injuries and any financial losses.

Will I lose my job?

You should not lose your job if you make a claim. Your employer is obliged to treat you fairly and without discrimination. If you do lose your job after an accident then you may have a claim in the Employment Tribunal.  Additionally, we will seek to recover any financial losses for you which will include any future losses and expenses. 

Types of injuries

  • Trips and slips in the workplace
  • Injuries caused by defective equipment
  • Injuries caused by a lack of protective equipment
  • Back injuries
  • Needlestick injuries
  • Mental trauma

Seek legal advice

Our Workplace Accident Lawyers have long experience of acting for injured people, securing millions of pounds in compensation.  

Start your claim

If you have had an accident you can look to claim for your injuries and financial losses.

  • Claim compensation for your injury – this is known as General Damages and covers your pain and suffering as well as your loss of amenity; your loss of enjoyment of life resulting from your injuries.
  • Claim for your financial losses – this covers lost income, treatment costs, additional mileage, and other sundry costs resulting from the accident; these losses are known as special damages

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what to do after an accident at work