Tripping Accidents at Work

Tripping accidents at work claim. Expert advice on no win no fee compensation claims for injury and financial loss arising from the incident. We can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Cause of tripping accidents at work

The accident may have been as a result of:

  • packaging, plant or other equipment left in the walkway
  • an uneven surface
  • broken or hazardous walkways
  • poor lighting restricting your visibility

Whatever the cause we can help you make a claim.

Your employer is required to provide you with a safe working environment and this includes ensuring that you can move around your place of work without tripping or falling due to an obstruction or other hazards.

It doesn’t matter if no-one knows who made the hazard or failed to tidy up; your employer is liable for the actions of their staff so if you have an accident due to the negligent actions of a colleague you can bring your claim against your employer.

This is known as vicarious liability and means that there will usually always be someone (usually your employer’s insurers) to pay any claim made against them. This is why it is compulsory for them to have insurance so don’t feel bad about bringing your claim; you have sustained an injury and it is your right to seek compensation.

Start your claim

If you have had an accident you can look to claim for your injuries and financial losses.

  • Claim compensation for your injury – this is known as General Damages and covers your pain and suffering as well as your loss of amenity; your loss of enjoyment of life resulting from your injuries.
  • Claim for your financial losses – this covers lost income, treatment costs, additional mileage and other sundry costs resulting from the accident; these losses are known as Special Damages.

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