Sexual harassment in the Military

Sexual harassment in the Military.  A recently published report shows that sexual harassment in the Army continues to be a problem.

The Problem

Reports of numbers have reduced since 2018 however there has been an increase in physical assaults and coercive sexual conduct.  Examples of sexual harassment can include unwanted attention verbally or physical contact, and inappropriate pictures sent through social media or Whatsapp.  Even unwelcome “banter” can also constitute sexual harassment.  There is no defence of “boys will be boys”.  Such conduct is a breach of the law.  Ultimately, the MOD can be vicariously liable for the actions of service personnel when sexual conduct is linked to the work.  Whilst the Ministry of Defence does have a Zero Tolerance Policy in relation to such conduct, some service personnel continue to exhibit appalling and distressing behaviour towards fellow service personnel which is unacceptable.

What to do if you encounter sexual harassment in the military

If you have experienced any distressing behaviour whilst in service then you should report it to the chain of command through formal channels.  Although you may feel this is a daunting step, it is of vital importance to ensure such conduct is stopped and fully investigated.  Perpetrators should be brought to justice with the hope the behaviour stops.  We know, all too often, the military culture is to prevent speaking out however unless people do stand up then things will not change.

How we can help

At Cohen Cramer, we have a specialist team who are very experienced in handling such claims, sensitively and confidentially.  If you have experienced any unwanted sexual or physical contact whilst serving or otherwise then please do feel free to get in touch to discuss your issues.

You may be entitled to compensation for the distress and injury which you have suffered.  You could also be entitled to compensation for your financial losses which can include claims for the loss of your career, private treatment costs, medication costs etc.  We also have access to specialist military counsel and medical experts to ensure you achieve the best chance of success in winning and obtaining maximum damages.

For a full assessment and overview of your claim get in touch with us today.

Your claim can be dealt with under a conditional fee agreement (no win-no fee). This means that if your claim is not successful then, subject to compliance with our terms and conditions, you will not have to pay for the work we have done on your behalf.