Occupiers Liability Compensation Claims

Occupiers Liability Compensation Claims. At Cohen Cramer Solicitors, we specialise in providing comprehensive legal services that address the needs of individuals affected by a breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act. Our expertise extends to a wide range of personal injury claims, including those stemming from accidents on premises due to the failure of the occupier to ensure safety. Here, we outline the basis of such claims, how they occur, what can be claimed, and how our dedicated team can assist on a no win- no fee basis.

Claims under the Occupiers Liability Act can include:

The Basis of Claims Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act

The Occupiers’ Liability Act imposes a duty on the occupiers of premises to ensure that visitors are safe while on their property. This includes both public and private spaces, where an ‘occupier’ refers to individuals or entities that have control over the premises. A breach of this duty occurs when the occupier fails to take reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm, leading to accidents such as slips, trips, and falls or even more severe incidents.

How Breach of Occupiers’ Liability Act Claims Occur

Claims often arise from situations where there has been a failure to adequately maintain the premises, improper signage regarding potential hazards, or neglect in addressing conditions that could lead to injury. Common scenarios include:

  • Wet floors without proper warning signs
  • Poorly maintained pathways leading to tripping hazards
  • Inadequate security measures resulting in personal injury

Losses under Occupiers Liability Compensation Claims

Victims of accidents caused by a breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act can claim compensation for a variety of losses, including but not limited to:

Physical injuries and associated medical expenses

  • Loss of earnings due to incapacity to work
  • Psychological trauma and the cost of therapeutic support
  • Adjustments made to living arrangements or lifestyle due to injuries

How Cohen Cramer Solicitors Can Help

At Cohen Cramer Solicitors, we understand the impact an injury can have on your life, that is why we offer our services on a no win, no fee basis, removing the financial risk from pursuing a claim. Our team of experienced solicitors specialises not only in claims related to the Occupiers’ Liability Act but also in a broad range of personal injury claims including dog bite incidents, clinical negligence, accidents at work, and more.

Our approach is client-focused, ensuring that you receive personalised advice and representation tailored to your specific circumstances. We pride ourselves on our commitment to securing the best possible outcome for our clients, combining legal expertise with a compassionate understanding of the challenges you face.

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