Negligence Claim Against Surveyor/Architect

Negligence claim against surveyor or architect. Surveyors and architects can be instructed for various reasons, such as when buying or selling a property, drawing up plans for a new building, as well as within litigation.

Surveyors and architects’ professional services can be required to identify potential defects and structural issues within properties, provide advice as to the condition of a property and provide input and calculations before a property has even been built.

If you have experienced one or more of the following due to the negligence of a surveyor or architect, you may be entitled to bring a professional negligence claim:

  • Failure to identify defects to your property or the true condition of your property upon purchase results in the value of your property being less than you have paid for it.
  • Failure to identify a problem with your property within the surveyors report resulting in you having to carry out repairs to rectify the problem at your own cost. Failure to properly advise or calculate materials prior to the building of the property has led to it being built with serious defects and structural issues.

If a surveyor or architect has carried out any of the above actions, or you feel that they haven’t advised you correctly, this could leave you with substantial costs to rectify any problems within your property which you should not have incurred had you received the proper advice and information.

You can look to recover the costs for the works you have had to carry out to rectify the issues, or in some cases the difference between the real market value of the property and the value of your property in the present condition, i.e. with repair work required).

We have a dedicated team of litigators who are vastly experienced in dealing with claims arising from the negligent actions of professionals and their breach of duty of care towards you.

We can assist you by reviewing your potential negligence claim, highlighting the merits and pitfalls of your claim, and advising on the options are available to you to progress your claim; providing you with clear and concise advice throughout.

Funding your negligence claim against a surveyor or surveyor

We understand that you have already suffered significant loss and may feel aggrieved having to spend further money on trying to recover your losses through no fault of your own.

To help make what is undoubtedly an already stressful time for you a little easier, Cohen Cramer can offer flexible funding options ranging from:

  • Privately paying hourly rates;
  • Fixed fees for each stage of work;
  • ‘no-win-no-fee’ arrangements (also known as Conditional Fee Agreements); and
  • Deferred fee agreements (i.e. we will defer any charge until the end of your case)

We can discuss the above funding options with you to agree on the best option for you; not all options will be available for every case. If you are looking for a no-win-no-fee agreement, this will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and subject to an initial review of the documentation and undertaking a risk assessment of your case.

Where your matter is more complex, we may also require a favourable opinion on the prospects of success from a Barrister before we can offer any alternative funding options.

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We are able to offer flexible funding options which may include “no win no fee” arrangements in certain circumstances.

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