Needlestick Injury at Work

Needlestick Injury at Work. If you have sustained an injury as a result of coming into contact with a discarded needlestick, sharp, syringe or similar while working as a nurse, care worker, dental staff, or similar then you may be entitled to claim compensation and damages for the stress and anxiety that can arise.

In addition to compensation for the mental injury, you are entitled to claim for any blood-borne virus (BVB) that you may develop as a result of the incident.

People who work in the medical profession such as nurses, care workers, and dental hygienists, and surgeons have a high risk of injury from a needle stick, hypodermic, or other sharp instrument and, due to the nature of their work, injuries, and accidents are not uncommon.

The Royal College of Nursing has stated that in a recent survey 48% of nurses who replied said that they had, at some time in their career, had an accident involving a discarded needle or sharp.

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Bringing Your Needlestick Claim

If in the past three years, you have sustained a needlestick injury that required you to undergo blood tests then you may be able to claim for the stress and worry caused by the incident.  You don’t have to have contracted a blood-borne virus (BVB) to make a  claim for compensation.

The most common form of sharps injury is a result of incorrect disposal. It may be that a colleague has placed a sharp in the wrong container or waste bin or that the needle was incorrectly wrapped after use. Whatever the cause, you are entitled to claim compensation and damages for your injuries and losses.

The other common cause of a sharps-based injury is due to lack of or inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in which case the claim is brought against your employer.

Most of these incidents could have been avoided and the employers would, in most cases, have been liable for the injury and stress resulting from the incident. It doesn’t matter that the injury was caused by someone else; your employers are liable for the actions and mistakes of your colleagues.

The same duty of care and the need to prevent injury to staff also applies to care, workers, orderlies, and cleaners.

No matter what sector of the health service you work in your employers are under a duty to treat you fairly and protect you from harm and, if that trust is breached, you can claim damages and compensation.

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Starting Your Needlestick Claim

We can deal with your claim on a No Win-No Fee basis so if your claim is not successful then you don’t pay us a penny for the work we have done on your behalf.

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Needlestick Injury at Work