Motoring Law

Advice and Assistance

We represent our clients when they face allegations in the Magistrates Court for Motoring Law offences.  These include allegations in relation to drink driving, drug driving, speeding, driving without due care and attention, failing to provide information as to who was driving and indeed any type of motoring case in the Magistrates Court.

John Goodwin, a solicitor and the head of our team, who qualified in 1982 is always happy to appear on your behalf to deal with these cases.  There may be occasions when Mr Goodwin is unavailable in which case another solicitor or barrister will cover the hearing.

We have dealt with a full range of these cases for many years in Courts covering the length and breadth of the country.

We also represent clients who have 12 points or more on their licence and are facing a 6-month ban.  In those cases we have on many occasions successfully saved their licences on the basis that they would suffer exceptional hardship should they be disqualified.


We charge an hourly rate of £250 plus VAT per hour for all work done by Mr Goodwin and £200 plus VAT per hour for work done by the rest of the team which includes Mark Jackson. 

If another solicitor, or Barrister, appears at Court for you instead of Mr Goodwin then their charging rates are a maximum of £200 per hour.

If you instruct us to deal with the case then at the very first meeting we will give you an estimate as to how many hours are likely and we are often prepared to cap the fee so that we will give you a maximum that will not be exceeded.  Our fee estimates will cover all work done in connection with the case and all Magistrate Court hearings.

The hourly rate we charge also applies to the first meeting in these offices.  If we discuss the matter with you on the telephone before a meeting then there is no charge for the initial telephone consultation.

Funding your case

There are many different types of summary only traffic offences and we rarely deal with cases that conclude in one hearing which makes it difficult to provide a definitive timescale. However, in accordance with the SRA price transparency regulations, we will discuss a competitive and affordable pricing structure and payment plan based upon the nature, complexity and location of your case. Legal Aid may be available for more complex cases, subject to your means.

Whatever the circumstances, we will give you clear information when it comes to both timescales and funding when we speak to you.

For further information please contact:

John Goodwin:

  • office telephone 0113  244 0597
  • mobile telephone 07921 471230

Mark Jackson

  • office telephone 0113 224 7806
  • mobile telephone 07502 400 093