Lucy Ryczany: Head of Department

Lucy Ryczany:

Head of Department

Lucy Ryczany - Cohen Cramer Solicitors

Lucy takes instructions from clients in relation to all POCA related matters, including Confiscation Proceedings, Ancillary Applications, and Enforcement proceedings.

Lucy has quickly developed a reputation with clients and professionals in the field for her ability to grasp cases, tackle difficult legal and evidential issues and achieve impressive results. This is illustrated by the growing number of exceptional results that she has achieved for her clients, which include: –

R v W

Successfully reduced benefit figure from £3.5 million to £50,000.00. In this case, Lucy, with the assistance of expert evidence, challenged the General Criminal Lifestyle assumptions that had been asserted by the Crown, reducing the assumptions element to £0. Lucy also argued that the benefit figure, sought by the Crown, was not proportionate to the role operated by the defendant. This required careful consideration of the evidence relating to the defendant’s criminal proceedings.

R v B

In this case, the Crown sought to argue that the defendant had benefitted from General Criminal Conduct to a value in the region of £300,000.00, represented by various assets owned by the defendant. The POCA proceedings were protracted, which resulted in the permitted period expiring without a Confiscation Order being made. An application was made by the Crown to extend the permitted period. Lucy successfully argued that there were no exceptional circumstances to enable the Crown to obtain an extension, and as a result, the proceedings were discontinued, and no confiscation order was made. Despite being instructed partway through these proceedings, Lucy’s success, in this case, was down to her detailed and careful analysis of the circumstances of the case and understanding of the complex legal issues in play.

Lucy is also a member of the POCA conveyancing team and appreciates the complexities of restrained properties and the interaction with Confiscation Proceedings, which enables her to assist clients with complex property transactions.

Lucy is regularly instructed to assist clients from conviction, through POCA Proceedings, up to satisfaction of the Confiscation Order.  Lucy is a member of the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association.