Lifting Accident at Work Claim

Lifting Accident at Work Claim. Back injuries and similar can be extremely serious resulting in lifetime injuries and prolonged absence from work.

You can claim compensation and damages for your injury and losses as a result of manual handling or lifting accidents while at work. Such injuries require knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure that you receive every penny that you are due. 

Your employment status does not matter. Employed on a full-time or part-time basis, an employee or subcontractor, a trainee or qualified; if you sustain an injury as a result of someone else’s fault we can help you claim.

Cohen Cramer Solicitors are experts at dealing with lifting and manual handling claims just like yours and we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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Your lifting accident at work claim

Lifting accidents at work don’t just happen in factories or retail environments; they can happen to anyone and anywhere. Your employer is required by law to make sure that they do everything reasonably practicable so that they don’t happen to you.

If you have had an accident at work that involved lifting, moving, or carrying and as a result suffered an injury, you can look to claim compensation.  Such accidents are generally known as ‘manual handling’ accidents.

For a quick overview download our lifting accident at work guide.

More than 25% of all reported accidents in the workplace are associated with “manual handling” and lifting, with the most common injury being a back injury, although injuries to arms, hands, and feet are also fairly common.  Manual handling does not mean just lifting and carrying but also lowering, pushing, and pulling – basically moving anything in any way that requires manual input.

Workers in places such as warehouses, building sites, farms, and factories, as well as in occupations such as delivery driving are particularly at risk of these sorts of injuries; however, anybody may sustain a manual handling injury.

The following are all types of manual handling accidents that would merit making a claim for compensation:

  • a warehouse employee who regularly stacks heavy boxes might sustain a hernia lifting heavy boxes onto shelves
  • a care worker could sustain a neck injury while helping a person into or out of bed or the bath
  • a secretary might hurt their back lifting and carrying files around an office.

What can you claim for your lifting accident?

If you have sustained an injury of any sort as a result of a manual handling operation, then you can look to claim compensation and damages for your injuries and losses.

A claim for an injury caused by manual handling breaks down into two main parts:

General Damages are compensation for your injuries. The amount you will receive will usually depend upon:

  • the extent and duration of the injury – will be determined by a medical report that we will arrange for you.
  • how the accident has impacted your life 

We have access to the details of many thousands of claims that have been concluded over the years and we will compare your injuries with past cases to make sure you receive a proper and appropriate amount of compensation for your injuries.

Special Damages cover financial losses sustained as a result of the accident.

This can include:

  • lost income due to time off from work for recovery or treatment; this includes any future lost income if your injuries are likely to keep you from working for any length of time.
  • the cost of treatment or medication; this can include medical aids such as walking sticks, specialist orthopaedic beds, and, in more serious cases, the cost of alteration and amendments to your house to make sure that you can live as comfortable a life as possible.
  • the cost of care from family and friends even if given without charge; this is known as gratuitous care and is charged at the net rate for basic home care.
  • professional care costs if your injuries are serious enough to warrant professional help with your everyday requirements
  • loss of bonuses and payment in kind such as subsidised meals etc if provided by your employer
  • all other financial losses resulting from the incident.

Lifting accidents at work can be caused in many ways

The object you were lifting, moving, or carrying at the time of your ‘manual handling’ accident does not have to have been heavy or an awkward shape or size.

If a physical effort is involved in the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving of a load by hand or bodily force that involves a risk of injury, that is enough to support a claim for compensation.

Lifting accidents at work can be caused by anything from heavy machinery that needs to be moved to a box of stock that you have to carry but obscures your view causing you to fall.  It can even be caused by having to stretch to reach a box of files from the top shelf of a cupboard. If you are carrying out the sort of activity mentioned above you are involved in manual handling.

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