Leah Arksey: Solicitor

Leah Arksey:


Having studied Law and also the Legal Practice Course at Leeds Metropolitan University, Leah first joined the practice in 2015 working in the Personal Injury Department. Leah later joined the POCA team in 2017 as the Department Assistant, supporting the POCA Department as they dealt with complex POCA, Ancillary and Enforcement cases.

Leah was then promoted to Paralegal and later obtained a Training Contract. As a Paralegal and then Trainee Solicitor, Leah worked her own caseload, dealing with the Department’s ancillary matters concerning the settlement of Confiscation Orders, as well as preparing applications under Section 11 to extend the time to pay on outstanding Confiscation Orders and Section 23 Applications to reduce the available amount on Confiscation Orders.

As she progressed through her Training Contract, Leah began working on the Department’s more complex POCA cases.

Her systematic approach to case handling means that she provides an excellent service to her clients. Her experience in POCA is of great value to the team and her clients.

Leah is also a member of the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association.

Now qualified as a Solicitor, Leah continues to work on the Department’s complex POCA cases, achieving great results for her clients, which include:-

R v C

Leah successfully reduced the benefit figure (particular criminal conduct) from £418,275.54 to £500.

In this case, Leah challenged the benefit figure sought by the Crown, by arguing the figure was not proportionate to the role operated by the Defendant. Leah was successful in her legal argument and accordingly, the client’s benefit figure was reduced to £500.

Working alongside a Forensic Account, Leah also removed the Assumptions the Crown argued should have formed part of the benefit figure, which was a great result for her client.

R v H

This was a protracted Section 23 case, for which the Defendant had been subject to lengthy enforcement proceedings, having attended at the Magistrates’ Court for enforcement for a number of years.

Mr. H came to Cohen Cramer for assistance with a Section 23 Application, following advice given to him at the Magistrates’ Court. His previous solicitors had not helped him at all following the making of the Confiscation Order. Despite having little information to go from, Leah was able to piece together the history of the case and prepare the Section 23 Application. Upon the Crown Court Judge reviewing the application Leah had prepared, she commended Leah for the very efficient and helpful way the application had been prepared, also stating such efficiency is regrettably rarely seen in the criminal courts in cases such as these.

Mr. H also left a glowing review for Leah and said she was a competent and capable professional.

R v L

Leah Arksey: Cohen Cramer Solicitors

Leah is currently working on a drug case in which she has been successful in reducing the Particular Criminal Conduct figure from £1,232,500.00 to £450.00. Work is currently ongoing regarding the Assumptions figures and so Leah is working hard on the case to get a great result for her client.