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Lauren Bowkett: Head of Department


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Lauren Bowkett deals with the department’s most complex and high-profile cases in relation to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).  She represents clients across the UK and internationally.

One of Lauren’s most complex matters to date related to a multi-million pound Hidden Assets Order.  Lauren was required to work exclusively on the case for four months and won, saving the client years in prison.  Lauren attended court and gave expert evidence.  She received praise from both the Judge and the CPS for her high standard of work and the manner in which she presented her evidence.

Due to her expertise, Lauren is on the committee for the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers’ Association (POCLA) running educational seminars and events within the area of POCA.  She also speaks at independent seminars on the subject matter.

Lauren has a clear analytical mind that understands the importance of review and consideration of the disparity between the benefit figure and the available amount. If not dealt with correctly it can affect a client’s life forever.

Lauren takes the lead in negotiations with Financial Investigators and Counsel. She has settled many matters out of Court without the need for a contested hearing, saving time and money to her clients.

In addition to main POCA matters, Lauren works on all types of ancillary matters such as extending the time to pay under Section 11 POCA 2002, advising and challenging applications from the Prosecution under Section 22 POCA 2002 to increase the available amount and reducing applications under Section 23 of POCA 2002.  Lauren also has a flow of private instruction for Section 10A applications, asserting her clients’ third party interests.

Lauren can deal with any issue raised in respect of Restraint matters brought under POCA as well as challenging Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders. Lauren can help with the settlement of any Confiscation Order.  She also acts as an advocate in the Magistrates Court at Enforcement Hearings, protecting clients from potential default sentences.

Lauren is also the Head of the POCA conveyancing department, a niche area specialising in assisting clients with the complexities of restrained properties which form part of Confiscation Orders.  Lauren has been described as a ‘rising star of the POCA world’.

Some of her most notable cases are:

R v K: benefit reduced from £1,434,105.00 to £70,000.00

R v S: benefit reduced from £1,484,109.01 to £294,137.56

R v T: successfully argued no hidden assets reducing the available amount from £100,000.00 to £2,131.54

R v H: successfully argued no hidden assets reducing the available amount to £1 and reducing benefit figure from £1,148,937.88 to £194,950.00

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