Do I need to have a survey when I buy a new build home?

Do I need to have a survey when I buy a new build home? This is a question that many people buying a new build home will ask themselves. Many people are of the view that because they are buying a newly built house that comes with a guarantee, the commission of a survey is a waste of money.

As a firm of solicitors, we have represented many clients who have bought new build properties who would have avoided the substantial expense and many years of stress and inconvenience had they decided that it was worth having their newly built house surveyed before committing to buying it.

Why get a survey on a new build?

Whilst all newly built homes have minor snagging issues, there are many that have major structural defects.

Whilst you do have protection in law for these defects, the process of seeking redress in our experience can be very costly and time-consuming.

We have come across cases where the structural defects in the newly built property have cost over 100,000.00 to rectify.

Getting involved in this type of dispute with your developer in our experience will likely take years to resolve and also require a substantial investment in legal fees.

The stress and inconvenience of having to live in a defective property and then move out for months whilst the remedial works are done could easily be avoided by having the property properly surveyed. How many people would proceed with a purchase if a surveyor told them that there were significant structural defects?

Here at Cohen Cramer, we deal with cases every week where our clients could have avoided all this by simply having a survey.

Whilst we are happy to assist clients in resolving issues with their developer, a much easier and cost-effective way to avoid these risks is to have the property surveyed before you buy.

After all, it is the most expensive purchase you will ever make.

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Michael McDonnell

Do I need to have a survey when I buy a new build home?

9th May 2022