Public Procurement Claims

Public Procurement Claims. Have you lost a local authority or government contract and think that the contract has been awarded unfairly?

The Disputes Team at Cohen Cramer has substantial experience in dealing with public procurement disputes particularly on behalf of suppliers to government bodies and local authorities.

Our most publicised success was on behalf of a domiciliary care provider in the case of Croft House Care Limited v Durham County Council.  In this case, we acted on behalf of Croft House Care Limited in a challenge to the public procurement exercise undertaken by Durham County Council.  This case has subsequently been reported on a very narrow field namely in relation to whether the fact the document might contain confidential information, is not in itself, a reason for not providing such documents on disclosure and inspection.  The Court ruled that the test is whether disclosure and inspection is necessary for disposing fairly of the proceedings.

This was an important legal decision in relation to the area of public procurement.

The Disputes Team has substantial experience in assisting in challenging both unfair public procurement decisions, and decisions that do not comply with the regulations.  We have access to sufficient resources to assist our clients in advising in this area.

If you are currently the holder of a government or Local Authority contract or whether you are intending to apply for one, we are in a position to give you expert advice on potential disputes which may arise.  It is certainly the case that in our experience, the procurement processes are not always as fair as they should be.  This is something that we can formally assist with.

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