Passing Off Claims

After spending a significant amount of time and money building up a successful business and associated goodwill you need help protecting that business. Cohen Cramer Solicitors can help.

Once you have built up your business the last thing that you want is for a rival looking to take advantage of all your hard work by imitating you and potentially diverting away future customers.

Thankfully, UK law provides a right for a business owner to pursue an action against a rival business in circumstances where that rival has misrepresented the nature of their business to customers so as to effectively pass themselves off as the other business that the owner has built up. This allows a business to protect the ‘goodwill’ in their business.

Cohen Cramer has acted for clients in a number of passing off claims which have resulted in positive outcomes including obtaining injunctions and undertakings to prevent the behaviour which constituted the passing off and in most cases, obtained recovery of damages in respect of the financial losses suffered.

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