enforcement of a county court judgment

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If you are owed money and have successfully obtained a County Court Judgment, you may find that the person or company that owes you money may still fail to pay. In these situations, it may be necessary to enforce the judgment. Cohen Cramer can  help you recover what is yours by right.

We can assist with enforcement of judgment in a number of ways including:

Execution against goods

Giving power to enforcement officers to seize and sell goods belonging to the debtor, raising funds to satisfy the judgment

Charges on Property

If your debtor owns or has an interest in a property, it is possible to secure your Judgment against the property. Once a charge is obtained, in many cases it is then possible to obtain an Order for sale which gives power to the court to force the debtor to sell their property.

Attachment of earnings

Which provides that a proportion of an individual debtor’s earnings is deducted by his employer and paid to you in installments, until the judgment debt is satisfied

Insolvency proceedings

We can apply to Court to make the debtor bankrupt or begin winding up proceedings if the debtor is a company. The minimum amount that must be owed by an individual to make them bankrupt is £5,000, this differs from amounts owed by a business, which is £750

We are happy to discuss the options with you in depth in order to decide which the best method for you.

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