Drugs and General Crime

Cohen Cramer Solicitors have been representing individuals and companies in relation to all types of criminal charges since the firm was founded in 1980.

We have dealt with many defendants charged with murder and with drug importations.

We dealt with the first-ever case in relation to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice where statements were taken from jurors who allegedly had been offered bribes to find defendants not guilty.

We were instructed on what we believe was the first-ever prosecution for a defendant in possession of crack cocaine.

We have dealt with all types of motoring offences from speeding allegations to causing death by dangerous driving.

From an initial police station interview, right through to a Crown Court trial and even to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, our dedicated team of lawyers and the expert barristers and scientists we instruct, we will fearlessly represent your interests.  We only defend.  We have never prosecuted.  We never judge a person who brings a case to us.  We only judge the strength or the weakness of the evidence.  If you do instruct us you can be sure you have an experienced professional team fighting your corner and giving you clear advice not shrouded in legal jargon.

We represent clients, both on a privately funded and on legally aided cases and pride ourselves on being accessible 24/7.

We will analyse all the evidence in detail.  In one case we had a client where we were able to persuade the prosecution that there was no case against him and that he had not committed any crime.  He was transferred to us from another firm who had told him he had no defence and advised him that he must plead guilty at the earliest available opportunity. 

In another case, a defendant had pleaded guilty.  We went to Court and applied for permission for his plea to be changed to not guilty.  On that very same day, the Judge directed that there was no case to answer i.e. there was no evidence on which the defendant could be found guilty.

We do not judge and we do not jump to conclusions.

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