Barcode Law

Your Business is Our Business

Team-01[1]Barcode Law offers a full legal support service to the retail sector. Utilising the individual departments and skills of our teams it is your one-stop call for all your legal requirements.

If you need help on your legal requirements and obligations when hiring or firing, our employment team can provide the assistance to make sure you do not fall foul of the extensive and at times complex regulations involved in this area of the law.

As your business grows you may be the target of  a malicious yet anonymous ‘keyboard warrior’ who defames and badmouths your business for no reason other than they can.  Likewise another business may try to pass themselves off as you and look to trade on your good name or ideas. In both cases you need swift and effective legal support to shut them down before they do too much damage to your reputation and, ultimately your income.

Our Disputes team can also assist with any contractual problems you may have or help with collecting your trade debts.

You may need to move your business and require help with the lease or the purchase of premises. We have the in-house expertise to make sure the transaction goes smoothly with minimal interruption to you and your business.

We are a business as much as you are so we know the problems that you are likely to encounter and have the knowledge to deal with them efficiently, effectively and economically.

Barcode Law – Your Business is Our Business.