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If you are a small to medium size business who requires effective and economic legal advice then Cohen Cramer Commercial are here for you.

If you own or run a business then you will know that there are any number of problems and issues that can threaten to disrupt its smooth operation.

It may be that you need assistance with debt collection or employment matters. You may need advice on the lease to your premises or what to do if someone makes on-line comments that are untrue and harmful to your business.

Whatever the cause of your concern we are here to help. Pulling in experience and knowledge from teams within the practice we are able to offer you a comprehensive and reliable addition to your business without the cost of a full-time legal department.

Our wide ranging services include:

Employment advice

It may be that you are in the process of recruiting staff in which case we can assist with the drafting of employment contracts to make sure that your business is given long-term protection while at the same time recognising and respecting the rights of your employees.

In hard times you will need advice on redundancy and dismissal procedure to ensure that you are not left open to Employment Tribunal claims.

Full details of our employment services can be found here

Probate and wills

Although not often considered, but what would happen if you had an accident or were taken ill or worse; who would look after your business if you can’t? Have you planned for the succession of your business? If you are serious about building a business you need to give consideration to such matters.

Full details of our probate and wills service can be found here


If you are in business long enough then the chances are you will eventually end up in dispute in with someone at some point; it may be that an invoice is long overdue and the debtor shows no sign of paying. Another business may be trying to pass themselves off as you or are making a comments with a view to destroying your reputation.

You may be in dispute with your partners or shareholders; this is something that can really bring a business to its knees and serves no-one. We can advise and assist with discussions and mediation with court involvement being the last recourse. This allows settlement quickly and economically. However we will represent your interests vigorously and, if needs be, all the way through to court proceedings.

Full details of our disputes department can be found here


As your business expands you may need larger premises. This can bring its own problems and in doing so deflect you from the day to day running of your growing business. Do you buy or lease? If the latter for how long? What is covered by way of repair and maintenance? We can provide the answers and give you the advice you need to help make sure that your property and premises  match the growth and needs of your business.

Full details of our property department can be found here

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