Business Defamation Claims

Business Defamation Claims. A positive reputation for a business is vitally important as this can determine whether individuals engage with your business and in turn affect what profit the business makes. Here at Cohen Cramer Solicitors, we can help ensure that your business’ reputation remains intact.

What is defamation?

The laws of defamation seek to protect a company from false allegations that damage or lower their reputation either as spoken word (slander) or in a written format (libel). 

In the internet age where there is a constant stream of reviews being posted online, businesses can be targeted by disgruntled customers with false allegations which can be potentially damning to your business’s cash flow, growth, and overall reputation that may impact return customers/clientele.  

False allegations may be published online on social media or on forums for business reviews (for example Trust Pilot or Google Reviews), or alternatively could be an article published in a newspaper. 

The difference between slander and libel

Whether your claim is libel or slander will depend upon the form of the allegation. As a general rule, the following applies:

  • Spoken words are classed as slander
  • That which is written or held in any other medium that has a degree of permanence such as a recorded song, article, blog, tweet or video, etc is classed as libel.

If you are looking to bring a defamation claim, whether that be because someone is spreading untrue spoken words about your business or there are written words that are untrue you must show that the words complained of are defamatory. That is, defamatory words are likely to lower your reputation in the minds of others.

Since the introduction of the Defamation Act 2013 it has become increasingly difficult to establish Defamation, whether libel or slander. This is because the Act now requires a business to not only show that you have suffered ‘serious harm to the reputation, but the defamation has to cause or is likely to cause ‘serious financial loss.

How we can help you with business defamation 

We are an experienced team of solicitors who routinely deal with Claimant and Defendant defamation claims, this could be as a result of a disgruntled customer, or a competitor looking to tarnish your reputation and gain your custom.

Whether your business is on the receiving end or is being accused of defamation, do not delay in getting in touch with us today.

You can find further information on our  FAQ page which includes important information such as the time limit for bringing a defamation claim.

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