Angela Terenzini: Solicitor

Angela Terenzini:

Dual-Qualified Solicitor

Angela Terenzini Cohen Cramer Solicitors

Angela is a dual-qualified solicitor in England & Wales, and Australia. Having been admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2015, she began her career in criminal law by assisting on large-scale fraud cases for the Australian Commonwealth Government.

Angela handles some of the department’s most complex POCA matters representing clients throughout England and Wales. She is able to provide effective legal advice on all POCA related issues from pre-charge Restraint up until the point of Enforcement.

Angela has a sharp legal mind and is able to grasp complex matters quickly. She is diligent in her preparation of cases to challenge the Prosecution evidence and achieve impressive results.

Angela is also regularly instructed on ancillary matters concerning the settlement of Confiscation Orders and is skilled at negotiating resolutions with the Prosecution to achieve the desired outcomes for her clients.  She is experienced at preparing applications under Section 11 and Section 23 of POCA 2002.

Angela has successfully challenged a number of Section 22 Applications, preserving assets that have been obtained following the making of a Confiscation Order.

Angela also advises on third party interests and the protection of assets against international confiscation proceedings. She takes instructions both on Legal Aid and private matters.

Some of her notable cases include:

R v S: Angela was able to effectively challenge the Prosecution case by identifying a number of inconsistencies within the police surveillance footage and reducing the benefit figure from £400,000.00 to £38,348.00

R v W: successfully argue against hidden assets and tainted gifts reducing the available amount from £252,846.94 to £4000

R v E: effectively challenged section 22 Application, removing the client’s residential home from the proceedings.

R v M: benefit figure reduced from £185,799.69 to £52,500


Thank you for your efforts, professional, and always on point. I wish I’d come to you in the first place!” – W, Leeds.

I’m very glad that you were placed on my case, I could not have wished for a better person and thank you for being so patient with me” – S, Bristol.