Accident due to Unsafe System of Work

You can claim compensation and damages for your injuries and losses if you have had an accident at work due to an unsafe system or procedure.  Cohen Cramer Solicitors can help you claim what you deserve and on a No Win-No Fee basis.

Your safety at work

Your employer needs to make sure that the tasks you are asked to carry out are safe; this could be stretching at above head height to pick up stock or operating machinery in a way that puts you in danger.  You could suffer an injury as a result of a colleague using a system that is dangerous that, in turn, leads to you being injured.

Don’t think that just because you routinely carry out a task that eventually leads to an injury or that agreed to do something that was hazardous that you cannot claim; you can. It is up to your employer to make sure you are safe; they cannot offload responsibility for your injury by saying that you have been doing the relevant task for some time and therefore knew the risks and that you should have refused to carry out the dangerous task.

Whatever the cause of your accident your employers may be responsible in which case you are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries and losses.

It could be as a result of a:

If you sustain an injury as a result of an accident caused by a colleague or workmate you can still claim from your employer; they can be responsible for the actions of other employees. This is known as vicarious liability.

What you can claim for an accident due to an unsafe system at work

We will claim compensation for your injuries; how much depends on the extent and impact of such. In support of your claim and to make sure that you get the amount of compensation we obtain a specialist medical report. The report is based upon a review of your medical records and to make sure that we have all the information we need to get you the maximum compensation and damages.

As well as claiming for your injuries we will also claim for:

  • Lost income for time off work as a result of injury or treatment
  • Treatment costs such as physiotherapy/long term care if needed.
  • Out of pocket expenses such as medication etc.
  • Gratuitous care and assistance from family and friends.
  • All losses arising from, and as a direct result of the accident.
  • Any future prejudice you may suffer on the job market as a result of your injury – this is known as a Smith v Manchester award.

Your claim can be dealt with on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis, this means that if for any reason we are not successful then you don’t pay us a penny for the work we have done. 

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