Modern Law Awards 2015

Leeds legal practice Cohen Cramer Solicitors are hoping for glory having been shortlisted for ‘The Best Marketing Campaign of the Year Award’ in the forthcoming Modern Law Awards with the final and award presentations dinner to be held in London in November.

Modern Law is one of the country’s leading journals for the legal profession and even a nomination for any of the 20 categories is recognition of outstanding work in that area.

The nomination for Cohen Cramer was based upon their generation of work in relation to a group action following issues over the inoculation of students at Derby University.

Mike Massen, solicitor at the practice, used a wide range of marketing skills and techniques to make sure that all those affected by the issues were made aware of their right to make a claim

‘It was clear that there was a large cohort of students who, with them having studied together, were still in contact via social media so we tapped in to this and encouraged clients to share content with their contacts via Facebook and twitter.

Simon Baskind, managing partner and director of the practice said that ‘ we are particularly pleased to be nominated for this award as it shows that even smaller firm such as Cohen Cramer can compete with the national firms when it comes to generating quality work at low cost allowing better service to our Clients’

The awards ceremony, with entertainment provided by Jimmy Carr is take place at the Hurlingham Club in London on 19th November.



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