£75000 for Eye Injury

We recently settled a claim for our client who received £75,000 in damages following the loss of his right eye in a works accident in 2018.  At the time of the accident, our client was employed as a Mechanic and worked for a company that provides piling rigs and drilling equipment to heavy industry.  Our client had only been at the company for a few weeks when he was tasked with fixing an oil leak and changing an oil seal on a piling rig.  Suddenly and without warning, the pin punch, which he was using to hold a pulley in place, ejected and struck him in the right eye causing significant bleeding and the loss of sight in his eye.

Liability issues

The employers did not accept they were at fault for the accident.  They argued our client was an experienced Mechanic who failed to follow instructions.  Our client’s case was that he was not provided with appropriate tools for the job, nor was there a written risk assessment or safe working procedure in place which ought to have identified a strap wrench should have been used.  Furthermore, the Health and Safety Executive, which is a Government body set up to investigate serious accidents in the workplace, carried out an investigation and said there should have been a safe working method in place.  The employers disputed this would have made any difference.  We had to obtain technical engineering evidence which suggested the employers were in breach of their duty to care by failing to provide appropriate instruction and tools for the job.  The employers also obtained their own engineering evidence.  Court proceedings were commenced and we managed to negotiate a reasonable settlement for our client.

How we helped

Our client’s life and that of his family have been hugely impacted as a result of this accident.  He had surgery to repair the right eye immediately after the accident and then had to be re-admitted a few months later for further surgery and removal of his eyeball due to ongoing pain and discomfort.  He still occasionally gets pain in his right socket and has difficulty judging distance over kerbstones, has difficulty pouring drinks, and is unable to catch objects, such as a ball, which has impacted his ability to have a full and uninterrupted life with his children.  Happily, he has continued to work and carry on his role as a Mechanic with a different company.

Our Client said “I would like to thank Diane Davison for the brilliant help she has provided.  My family and I can now move forward and I can try to get my life back.  I am very happy with the outcome of the case.  The level of service and professionalism was second to none.  I would recommend Cohen Cramer to anybody who has been injured”

We were very pleased to have been of assistance to our client in securing significant damages for him in a case which was bitterly fought by the employers.  At Cohen Cramer, we are committed to helping injured people to seek the justice which they deserve after any type of accident.  We have the technical expertise to ensure our clients receive the best service from the outset and always strive to ensure our clients receive maximum damages on the best available terms.

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