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5 reasons why you need to make a will.

  • June 16, 2015
  • Mike Massen
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The number of people who don’t have a will is staggering. The most common reason I have heard from those who run the risk of dying intestate is that they haven’t got round it or don’t have the time. You don’t have an hour or two to spare so as to avoid possibly months of aggravation and great cost to your loved ones when you pop off ? I don’t believe you. What you really mean is that you can’t be bothered. Your circus; your monkeys but you can easily avoid a lot of problems for your nearest and dearest by getting a will in place.

Here is why:

  • You can make arrangements to ensure that your estate is divided up as you want it to be. Whilst you need to think about those who are dependent on you or may be expecting to receive something, you can pretty much leave what you want to whoever you wish. If you decide that the local cat’s home is more deserving than your no good layabout kids that is your call.
  • You can structure your will so as to reduce inheritance tax; this is a complex area and you need to get specialist advice, just trust me when I say you can do it.
  • If you die while making a personal injury claim, unfortunate I know but it could happen, then any compensation due passes to your estate for distribution. If you don’t have a will then there is no-one appointed to continue the claim in your name so your claim grinds to a halt until Letters of Administration are sorted out (LofA are what is required if there is no will)
  • You can get a £20 DIY Will from the local post office and do it yourself –  after all it is only, probably, the most important document you will ever need to sign and while you are at it have them carry out the adjustment on your car’s brakes and possibly do your laser eye surgery too. As in all aspects of life you get what you pay for and if you scrimp on a will then that way lies trouble. Solicitors actually love it when you do your own will as we can charge a lot more for sorting out the mess left behind than we can for prepping your will in the first place.
  • You can feel really smug because you know you have got a will in place. And there is nothing better than feeling smug.

To get a will that works get in touch with us today.

Oh, just to calm any worries you may have making a will does not mean that you die within a matter of weeks as some folks may tell you.



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