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We provide clients with a clear written explanation about our charges at the outset. If you have any queries about our charges, we will be happy to discuss this with you because it is vital that there is a clear understanding of how your case will be funded.

There are usually five ways to fund your case:-

No Win-No Fee

We are prepared to consider a ‘no win- no fee agreement’ in some cases. This means that if your claim against your employer fails, you will not be responsible to pay our costs. If your claim succeeds we would seek a percentage of any award/settlement. Before we can consider such an agreement we would need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Even if we are not prepared deal with the case under a no win no fee agreement from the outset, we may agree to proceed under a no win no fee agreement after proceedings are issued and the Response is filed.

Paying on an hourly basis

Under this type of agreement we will charge for the amount of time we spend dealing with your case. At the end of your case, regardless of success or not, we present you with our bill for the work undertaken on your case plus any disbursements.

Fixed fees

We offer fixed fees for specific items of work such as drafting Employment Tribunal Claims, drafting discrimination questionnaires or preparing witness statements. The amount we charge will depend on the complexity of the case. We will always endeavour to agree a fixed fee where appropriate before commencing any work for you.

Legal expense insurance

We suggest that you check to see if you have legal expense cover. This is usually included in your household insurance policy. Your insurance company should authorise us to act on your behalf if the case has good prospects of success.

Settlement Agreement charges

If your employer offers you a Settlement Agreement, your employer would be expected to contribute towards your legal costs. The extent of this contribution will vary from case to case but is usually sufficient to pay all your legal costs.

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